At Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy, we are proud to provide the fun, healthy, and positive recital program that you and your family deserve. Discover the value, fun, and positive benefits of dance as a performing art by dancing on stage with us! Our recital will have you leaping for joy!” Note: Participation and Costume fees apply. If you are unable to perform with us, please alert us at the time of registration. Full details are available at the ND&MA Customer Care Desk in September.

Check back in September for Full Recital Details!

Neisha's Dance and Music Academy

Prima Ballerina Recital

Tentative date - June 16, 2024

For our Little Steppers, Little Leapers, Leap 'N Learn 3, 4 and 5 classes.

Neisha's Dance and Music Academy

All School Recital

May 26, 2024

For Level A, Mini and up dance classes.

Angelina Ballerina
Musical Theatre

Dance Recital Fees & Recital Costume Fees

Please refer to the ND&MA Studio 411 Booklet for more info.