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  • Neisha’s teaches much more than dance. My children have developed grace, discipline, and poise here, all while having fun! The instructors are all professional and have helped foster beautiful character along with excellence in dance.

    Excellence in Dance
  • The number one reason I love Club NDA is because it’s FUN! I also love Club because we compete, perform and attend conventions and master classes with professional choreographers. Club is the best place to make friends! Everyone in Club gets along so well, just like peas in a pod. Club can be hard, exhausting and is a big commitment, however every minute is worth it. The recognition, awards and support we receive from family, friends, teachers, teammates and judges makes everyone feel like a “winner”. CLUB NDA IS MY LIFE!!! It’s my home away from home. It would be hard to function without it. – Charmaine

    Why I Love NDMA