Dance Program Fees & Policies

ND&MA Members can log into their portal to select/register for classes. New students can register online at or visit our Customer Care Office for assistance.

Policies and Procedures!

We are glad to have you in our program and look forward to a year of learning.
Please read these guidelines and join us in making ND&MA a safe, healthy, fun place to be!


1 class – $70 first class

2 classes – add $63 (10% discount)

3 classes – add $56 (20% discount)

4 classes – add $49 (30% discount)

5 classes – add $42 (40% discount)

6+ classes – add $35 per class (50% discount)

Membership Fee: $45 per year

Tuition is due monthly via automatic credit card payments and will hold your spot in class. These payments remain the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month or holidays. Tuition is non refundable, non transferable between students, and not credited due to missed or dropped classes. Unpaid students will not be admitted into class or be allowed to participate in any recitals. Students ARE permitted to transfer from one class to another based on space availability without fees.

Membership fee is $45 per year per student and will be prorated quarterly and charged automatically at the time of registration and automatically on June 1, 2018 for the July 2018-June 2019 dance year.

The year begins July 5th and ends June 30th. All enrolled students must select their new classes during the month of June for the following year. Music lessons continue without interruption.

All dance students enrolled at ND&MA will automatically be charged a recital registration fee on September 15th.

Registration Fees: Creative Dance / Pre Primary levels: $99
All School levels Primary and up: $89

Select which classes you wish to dance with and pay for your costumes by:
September 15th: Early Bird: Creative Dance / Pre Primary $75
All School levels Primary and up: $85
October 15th: On Time: Creative Dance / Pre Primary $80
All School levels Primary and up: $95
November 15th: Mad Rush: Creative Dance / Pre Primary $85
All School levels Primary and up: $105
Opt Out: If you are unable to perform in our dance recital, please fill out the “Opt Out” form at registration time.